Invoice Builder

User can use the Invoice Builder page to create a quotation or even an invoice for its clients. Users can also request a Order from SAPnet and directly order its titles from SAPnet.

The Invoice Builder page show the following information:

Bibliographic detail on title:
Title, Author, ISBN13, Publisher, Country of Publication
Stock level
Titles for which we have specific stock levels on and In stock or Out of Stock status for all other titles
SAPnet Price
SAPnet Price is NOT the Net Price of Publishers
The SAPnet Price is the resell price that SAPnet offers its SA Booksearch clients.
The SAPnet Price does not include the shipping price.
A SAPnet price will only be given if it is availbale from SAPnet.
A On Request status will reflect for those books that is either out of stock, not in print, or not available from SAPnet at that time.
Users can adjust the quantity field according to the amount of titles they need to order
The Recommended Retail Price is the price that we get from the publishers as a recommended retail price to retailer's clients. The RRP is inclusive of VAT
Title Discount %
Users can use this field to indicate the amount of discount he gives to its clients
Title Total
This fields updates the total amount or cost (inclusive of discount to the user's client)
PDF Invoice / Quotation
Users can click on the PDF Invoice or PDF Quotation button, to create a PDF for its clients, which can be used as a invoice or quotation form
Customer Details
User should insert its client's details in the Customer Details dialog. This details will reflect in the top left corner of the PDF page
Your Details
User should insert its own details in the Your Details dialog. The information will be displayed at the top right corner of the PDF page
Your Banking Details
The User should include its banking details in this dialog in order for the client to be able to make a payment


Users can use the Search function to search by :

  • ISBN or EAN
  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher

List a Title

Users can use the List a Title page to send a suggested Title to SAPnet's data editing team. SAPnet will then validate the title and include it on its Global Database of Bibliographic titles

Validate ISBN

The Validate ISBN page can be used to ascertain if the ISBN is valid or not.


Users can use the Profile page to see its personal and company details. Users can also update any of its profile details.

Top 10

User can browse the weekly top 10 Fiction and non-Fiction Titles selling through the Bookscan SA retail panel.

Ordering through SAPnet

SAPnet strives to promote the SA bookseller and Library sector. With SA Booksearch you have all available information on SA titles at your fingertips. SA Booksearch also provides current and up to date stock level information on your titles, and you can order directly through SAPnet for your convenience.

To order through SAPnet you must be a SA Booksearch Subscriber.The Order Builder allows you to order titles that are instock currently through us. Set your quantity and click on Order. Thereby you will receive our EFT banking details. Upon receiving your payment, we will process the order.

Payments for orders can be made into SAPnet's bank account:

Publications Network (Pty) Ltd t/a SAPnet
First National Bank
Account number: 62006737532
Branch: Strand
Branch no: 200 612
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ